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At Wester Walston Lodge we know how much you our customers appreciate the beautiful surrounding countryside and wildlife. We therefore attempt to run our business in an environmentally friendly manner.


·       The lodge itself is extremely well insulated and uses comparatively small amounts of energy.

·       We ask our guests to re-use towels as much as possible.

·       We do our best to recycle all glass, metal, cans, plastic, paper, batteries and print cartridges

·       Compostable garden waste goes into the large compost bins, leaves go into separate bins, which                     provide an excellent source of organic matter for potting and planting

·       Glass bottles and jars, paper, tins, and plastic are recycled to minimise wastage.

·       We closely monitor our electricity and gas to promote the efficient use of energy

·       Service boilers regularly

·       Use internet based marketing – we print no marketing literature unless specifically requested as a                one off.

·       As most of our business is via internet and return visitors, we are able to email our guests with                      booking confirmations & directions

·       We have planted many trees and shrubs to attract local wildlife. We leave some areas of the garden             uncut to increase undisturbed habitats.

·       We replace any bulbs with Low Energy light bulbs

·       Encourage guests to use local produce

·       Please remember we have a care to look after the environment for the future generations. Help us to            help you to help our environment Reduce, Reuse and Re-cycle


Working in a more sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint, minimising our impact on the environment and encouraging our guests to do the same, does not mean we compromise on the comfort or the 4 Star Quality of our accommodation.

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